Whole Systems Integrated Care

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Whole Systems Integrated Care - Introduction

Whole System Information Sharing Agreement is a legal document to support information being taken from GP (and other) care professionals share with the direct permission of the patient information about their care so they can make better informed decisions that benefit the person they are caring for.

By signing the Information Sharing Agreement an organisations is agreeing to share information with other organisations who have signed the agreement. It sets out the specific arrangement for sharing information and relevant guidance in law.

Care providers such as a doctors, clinical psychologist, nurses, midwives and registered social workers have a central role to play in supporting the creation of joined up integrated care for a patient.

For example, a patient visit to hospital and information related to their treatment will be entered into a care organisations care/clinical IT systems, and this will then be extracted from coded information from host systems, linked together to give a whole system view of a patient’s journey across care settings.